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Our experiments with rum cocktails have progressed from comparing how well different水果注入朗姆酒(草莓和覆盆子工作最好;苹果根本不起作用,几乎每周尝试新的Tiki饮料。在去年,我们已经尝试过三十个Tiki饮料!

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Of all that we’ve tried, this one is both Dave’s and my favorite. It’s so refreshing – not too sour, not too sweet, not too strong, not too weak. As a bonus, it doesn’t require any particularly rare ingredients. It also doesn’t require tiki mugs, but if you’ve got them, they make the best time of the week just a little bit better.

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Tonga Punch(rewritten from Stephen Siegelman and Maren Caruso’sTrader Vic的Tiki派对)

Makes 1 drink

I recommend Shellback, Flor de Caña, or Appleton white rums.

从技术上讲,三秒和橙色库拉瓦索是不同的,而不是互换的(大马里尔是Curaçoa;乔诺是三秒),但是使用三秒而不是Curaçao不会破坏这杯酒。我们用Clement Creole Shrubb, which is neither triple sec nor curaçao.

Look for grenadine with pomegranate in the ingredient list; otherwise you’re just buying a combination of high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, and food coloring.

2 ounces silver rum
¾ ounce lemon juice
½ ounce orange curacao
¼盎司lime juice
1 cup ice

Combine the liquids in a blender. Add the ice and pulse until the largest pieces if ice are approximately ½-inch. Pour unstrained into a glass and enjoy.

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  2. Your cups made me laugh out loud. I love the ‘right’ ambiance even for every day for serving something. It is amazing what a little single touch will do. I suspect I would find that this drink would create a tropical mood for me and I would start doing a few native dances if I had two. So of course I had to pin it. Ha!

  3. Where in the round world did you find those glasses!?!

  4. Nikki R. – Amazon! Where else? Ha! We actually started a collection after these, and now most of ours come from etsy.